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"Natural gas shortage" attack, plate industry welcomes the first wave of the tide in December!

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In the north, natural gas is urgent, and the price of liquefied natural gas is also rising, which leads to high cost of plate enterprises and even stop production. Faced with the grim situation, the government has issued policies to regulate the price of natural gas. In the future, it is likely to introduce policies for the management of industrial enterprises that are using natural gas.
In December 4th, the Ministry of environmental protection issued urgent letter, to protect the people warm winter, "to enter the heating season, where (coal to gas, coal to electricity projects) did not complete the project or place, continue to use coal-fired heating in the past or other alternatives". On the same day, the national development and Reform Commission convened a reminder warning for liquefied natural gas price laws and regulations, warned and warned the LNG production and circulation enterprises and relevant social organizations in the area to strengthen price self-regulation and standardize the price behavior. One side is not to use natural gas, one side is to regulate the price of natural gas. Now what is the situation in the national natural gas market now?
The price is high and the gas is out of breath.
With the winter heating season in North, around repeatedly broke the natural gas emergency stop heating, the news, it is reported that natural gas in Hubei province began tightening since November 22nd; Shaanxi province also broke the winter heating period of natural gas demand increases, supply and demand gap, natural gas supply pressure news; Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission decided the launch of the province's natural gas demand side management mechanism, at midnight on November 28th in the province's natural gas supply orange signal warning.
The price of LNG is the most direct one after the emergency of natural gas supply. National Bureau of statistics data show that from November 21, 2017 to 30, 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) liquefied natural gas (LND) price is 5636.7 yuan per ton, compared with the previous period rose to 28.3% in November, the price of liquefied natural gas was 80% higher than in August rose, rose more than 60% in September, compared to October rose about 30%!
Why is natural gas urgent?
Why is the supply of natural gas in our country insufficient? Why is the price rising? China's Wood network reporter comprehensive market situation and expert comments to sort out the following reasons:
First, the storage capacity of underground gas storage in China is insufficient.
Second, "coal to gas" to increase demand, China's natural gas demand is faster than the speed of natural gas supply.
Third, the natural gas project progress prediction errors lead to supply "out of stock".
Fourthly, large state-owned enterprises monopolize the right of import and export of natural gas, and the supply structure is single.
How about the board enterprise?
Plate enterprises also ushered in the first wave of the tide in December!
This year because of environmental remediation thorough, many enterprises have entered the plate "coal to gas" camp, with the green energy such as natural gas, this year, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region more than 62 thousand involving gas "scattered pollution" corporate governance, completion of power generation coal gas generation coal about 3000000, about 10000000 tons of coal powder substitute as; wood-based panel production base in North China's largest, Wen'an supervision ", more than 6800" scattered pollution enterprises and stalls have been banned, 1529 boilers are destructive demolition.
But because of a shortage of natural gas supply, the price soared, many residents of North China area, the school still heating tension, industrial gas has been limited, sheet metal enterprises not only the production cost was once again pulled up, facing the restriction of the use of natural gas, will stop production of state stock!
In November 21st, Shandong Dezhou Qingyun County issued a notice of the daily limit of gas, at 0:00 to 5:00 in the morning of November 27th, the whole city gas stop; Weifang natural gas is also facing a big gap, the gas industry has been limited; Heze natural gas prices have been rising for five; December 3rd morning, Linyi sunshine Thermal Gas Conference Bulletin: Linyi gas compression capacity 50%, each branch sectional gas stop for 13 days, this sheet enterprises use the sun heating will be forced by gas production for 13 days!
The natural gas is urgent and the price is soaring, the plate enterprises that apply natural gas have also been affected, leading to high cost and even stop production, the situation is already very severe. However, some experts also said that without tension, Xiamen University energy economy Collaborative Innovation Center Director Lin Boqiang pointed out that the short-term liquefied natural gas prices rose faster, with Hebei coal to gas heating, but it should be the local tension, two or three weeks should be able to solve the problem.
Now, the government has issued policies to regulate natural gas prices and do not use natural gas. In the future, a great probability will be issued for the management policies of industrial enterprises that are using natural gas.
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