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Congratulations to the Hebei union building materials limited company website successfully

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With your concern and support, our website is online.
On the basis of the original, we have made great adjustments and breakthroughs to the column and content of the website. The adjustment of the website, mainly from color collocation, structure, content has made a great improvement, making the whole site more clear and more operational. We have added the relevant columns, enriched the content, made up for the shortcomings of the previous, and further improved the management mechanism of the website. We will fully collect constructive suggestions and suggestions from all sides, integrate all kinds of beneficial resources, guide our work practice with advanced business ideas and ideas, further improve the overall service level, and contribute to our common development.
Thank you all for your concern and support.
Hebei United new Mstar Technology Ltd is a production, sales as one diversified enterprise decoration materials, the company is located in Shijiazhuang City, Wuji Industrial Zone, geographical environment is richly endowed by nature, the traffic is very convenient, the company covers an area of 100 acres, the company production of high-grade ecological paint materials, the annual output value of 150 million yuan, the products are exported to Gansu, Inner Mongolia, northeast....
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